about us

We exist to be the most innovative general medical practitioners in Africa with the focus to bring your medical treatment to the comfort of your home. Our doctors are well trained and equipped with the most recent medications and equipment of the 21st century Our doctors have experience in the general medical practice, emergency medical care and injuries on duty and can handle any emergency medical situations. We have the most supportive system for funeral and medical insurance cover. Healthy relationships with reputable partners in the business comes with well equipped and trained call centre staff and consultants for quick quiries

Our history

EDOC Inc, is an abbreviation for Emergency Doctors On Call Incorporation. The company was established in 2015, as a general medical practice. It has since been involved with emergency medical services and diverted to medical insurance in 2017/2018. The company changed its name from Dr. CJ Ndlovu Medical Center to EDOC Inc . Dr. CJ Ndlovu Medical Center has been in business for over 5 years prior to the change of name. The main aim is to consolidate and provide competitive rates and international standards service in medical, emergency mobile services, insurance and medical covers or insurance, funeral and life cover services, in South Africa and all around Africa. EDOC has an ambulatory medical practice called MobMed, where we bring the same general and emergency medical care services to the comfort of your home as a client. Our clinical decision making is based on evidence based medicine. Evidence Based Medicine –this is the conscientious explicit and judicious use of current best evidence in making decisions about the care of individual patients. Thus our slogan “No Health, No Wealth” – which stems from our belief that health is the most important and essential currency in wealth creation and sustenance

Eyabantu funeral cover


R15, 000 COVER

R15, 000 Cover: Principal member (R25.81)

R15, 000 Cover: Spouse (R24.55)

R15, 000 Cover: Child 13-21yrs (R 8.90)

R7, 500 Cover: Child 6-12yrs (R 6.23)

R5, 250 Cover: Child 1-5yrs (R 2.67)

R4, 000 Cover: Child (0-11 months incl. still born baby) (R 2.23)



R30, 000 COVER

R30, 000 Cover: Principal member (R42.72)

R30, 000 Cover: Spouse (R35.80)

R25, 000 Cover: Child 13-21yrs (R12.46)

R15, 000 Cover: Child 6-12yrs (R 8.90)

R10, 000 Cover: Child 1-5yrs (R 5.79)

R5, 000 Cover: Child (0-11 months incl.still born baby) (R 3.12)


Additional services


Additional R11.00 on your premium to get a grocery benefit of R4, 000.00


Additional R15.00 on your premium for The Inkomo benefit. Gets you a cow worth R5000.00


R250 worth of free airtime included in all policies after successful claim.


Dr. Clement Jabulani Ndhlovu

Dr. Clement Jabulani Ndhlovu, was born in the area of Nelspruit (MP) and moved to Middelburg(MP) in late 90’s He then went on to study medicine overseas in Cuba, where he studied in Spanish as the language of instruction. After which he came back to South Africa and completed his final year of medical education at the University of Pretoria(TUKS). An MBCHB, BLS, ATLS, ACLS-EP, PALS, AVSEC, ECG, MSSN AND PHARMACOLOGY, VAAP, BASIC EMERGENCY LEVEL1, ULTRASOUND COURSE, AIRWAY EMERGENCY SERVICES. He completed his internship and community service in 2012 and then got registered as an Independent Medical Practitioner in 2013. He became the head of the Middelburg Provincial Hospital, ICU(Intensive care unit)/High care for both adult, Paediatrics (Children) and Neonatal (Newborns), where he managed it for over a period of two and half years. This gave him enough exposure and experience to be an expert in the emergency care of severely ill patients, airway management and near death medical emergencies. In the past 6 years, he has managed over 12 public and private emergency units in Gauteng and Mpumalanga. The EDOC idea emerged after seeing a need of the new 21th century busy life that leads to poor doctor visits, mostly because of long queues and lack of transport to get to the clinic Having seen this work, the birth of funeral cover, insurance and life cover begun within the company